Second Factor

Second Factor

Second Factor, Inc. (SFI) is a cyber technology consulting company focused on securing
information technology systems. The SFI’s customers include U.S. Government departments and
private companies with a need to secure their information systems. Second Factor, Inc. delivers the
following services to its customers:

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  • Authentication and Authorization Solutions

  • Public Key Infrastructure Solutions

  • System Vulnerability Scanning

  • Federal Identity & Credential Access Management (FICAM) Services

  • Virtualization Security Services

  • Firewall & Network Security Services

Experienced and Certified Experts

Experience working with large financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, federal and state government departments and agencies.

Our staff hold certifications in a variety of security products and disciplines.


SFI is establishing partnering agreements with some of the DC Metro Area's best security firms.  We work with partners to provide a full suite of security services to our customers.



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